We create presentations "on a turn-key basis" in PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides и Prezi. If you need we can make it in 24 hours. If the quality does not suit you we will refund your money
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Rocketslides is digital agency focused on presentations development. We have 5 years of experience,17 000 finished slides
and 90 corporate clients
We solve any problems in the presentation development: we makes slides and prepare speakers for speeches, materials for sending by mail and printing, printing materials and templates. We take at any stage — when there is only an idea, and when you just need to do it "awesome."

Vad Mikhalyov
Founder and project manager
What we do
Presentations for reading and speaking

Good for online-selling, mailing, meetings with customers and partners, reports and speeches on conferences.

Price — from 600 USD,
time — from 12 hours

Save time on creating routine and reporting presentations; do not require the staff skills of design and layout.

Price — from 650 USD,
time — from 72 hours

Present your company and product online. Will be launched on Tilde, you can finish building them with your own hands without knowledge of layout and web design.

Price — from 500 USD,
time — from 24 hours
Full outsourcing of presentation tasks

We take all your tasks of all presentation and printed materials. You put tasks, we do on time.

Price — from 1250 USD/month
What you get
An independent partner producing the result
We do not slow down the process due to delays in content, proactively participate in improving the slides.
Кратчайшие сроки
The remote, rapidly scalable team solves the design problems of the presentation almost at any time - for example, sometimes we prepare slides for the pitch for investors in 3-4 hours, and presentations with a strategy for the client on 80-120 slides - for 24 hours.
Transparent pricing
For each project, we compile a descriptive table with a project plan and resources, indicating the cost of a specialist per hour. Typically, it includes the creation of a structure, design concepts and layout of slides.
Energy-saving interaction process
To discuss presentations, we use online tools that save time and effort - Google Slides, Dropbox, e-mail and messengers.
As result fully editable presentation in PowerPoint
The presentation is a very live product, so we do everything to make it convenient for you to develop the presentation without us. The source files for graphic and fonts will be included. If necessary, we work in Keynote and Google Slides.
We already work with
Ready to start right now
Fill out the form & get estimate with the terms in 15 minuter.
We start to work after approval immideately.
In urgent cases call us +7 (964) 624 65 23
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Frequently asked questions
Do you create structure of presentations?
Да, мы готовы браться за дело, если у вас выступление через неделю, но все мысли — только в голове. Зададим правильные вопросы, поможем точно и ярко переложить ответы на слайды, обеспечим результат.
Вы делаете какое-то исследование рынка и наших клиентов перед тем, как браться за презентацию?
Нет, мы исходим из того, что ваших клиентов и ваш рынок лучше всего знаете вы. Мы работаем в первую очередь с вашей позицией, опытом, позиционированием и бизнес-задачей, и добавляем свой опыт «упаковки».
У нас важная встреча в понедельник, успеете?
Да, успеем. Даже если уже вечер пятницы. Звоните по телефону +79 646 246 523, если у вас горит задача.
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