We offer turnkey solutions for presentations creation in PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides и Prezi.
If you're on deadline, we can make it in 24 hours.
Not satisfied with the result? We guarantee you a full refund
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Rocketslides is digital agency
Our focus is presentations development
Over our 5-year experience we have finished 17 000 slides
and have got 90 corporate clients
We provide a full service in presentation development:
we makes slides, we train speakers' presentation skills, we arrange all presentation content for sending out and printing out, we print materials and templates.
We take care of your project, no matter, on which stage you are:
either the presentation is only an idea, or you just need to finalize it and make it awesome

Vad Mikhalyov
Founder and project manager
What we do
Presentations for reading and speaking

Perfect for online-selling, for sending by mail, for public speaking with any audience: customers,  partners,  reports,  conferences.

Price — from 600 USD,
time — from 12 hours

Save your time and don't worry about your staff skills in design and layout. We create routine and reporting presentations for you.

Price — from 650 USD,
time — from 72 hours

Introduce your copany and product online. We launch the presentation on Tilde, so you can make changes on your own without web-design and layout knowledge.

Price — from 500 USD,
time — from 24 hours
Complete outsourcing of presentation projects

No more worries about your presentations and printed materials. You set us tasks, we complete it on time.

Price — from 1250 USD/month
What you get
An independent contractor producing the result
We do not slow down the process due to delays in content, proactively participate in improving the slides.
Meeting of deadlines
Our remote professional team is non-stop available and able to work on your presentation of any type almost at any time. As for example, we can prepare slides for a pitch for investors within 3-4 hours. Another example, a big strategy presentation which consists of 80-120 slides, can be ready in 24 hours.
Transparent pricing
For each project, we compile a table with a plan and description of all the works which indicates all the costs of specialists per hour. It includes a presentation's structure, design concept and layout of slides.
The compilation process control
You save your time and can control our work in process through online ttools: Google Slides, Dropbox, e-mail and messengers.
Full range of tools for editing presentations
We do everything to make it convenient for you to change and develop the presentation without us. We provide sourse files for graphics and fonts with presentations. If necessary, everything will be presented in Keynote and Google Slides.
They trust Us
Start right now!
Fill out the form & get your offer with the terms in 15 minutes.
We start working on your project immideately after approval.
If urget, call +7 (977) 131-83-19 (Vadim Mikhalev)
or send project media at
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you design presentations' structure?
Yes we do. If you have your speech in a week, and your project is just thoughts in your head, we will ask you right questions and help to transform your answers to direct and impressive slides to guarantee exellent result.
Do you do any research of the market or of our clients before you begin working on the project?
No, we assume that you know your niche and your clients the best. We work mostly with your attitude, experience, positioning and business target. We add our design and development experience to it.
We are having an important meeting on Monday, can you arrange everything to the date?
Yes, we can. Even if it is already Friday evening.
Call +7 (977) 131-83-19 (Vadim Mikhalev), if you're on deadline.
The speakers of TEDxSadovoeRing are acting with  Rocketslides presentations
Since 2014 Rocketslides participates in the biggest conferences  arrangement under  TED licence in  Russia. More info at:
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